Instructions for PowerPoint

  • Please save your presentation in PowerPoint 2013 or later (* ppt) or (* .pptx) so that we can guarantee the successful opening of your presentation on our computers.
  • We recommend saving the presentation in PPTX format. Prepare a presentation in 16:9 format (screens in lecture rooms are in this ratio).


  • JPG is the most widely used format for “inserting” images into a presentation.
  • GIF, TIF, or BMP formats are also acceptable.
  • A resolution of up to 250 dpi is sufficient for the high-quality display of images during a presentation. Higher image resolution ­only increases file size and does not improve the resolution of the dots on the canvas. Please compress the saved images in the presentation to the recommended resolution.
  • If you have a video stored in your presentation, please arrive well in advance to test it. The recommended video format is MP4.


  • Only fonts that are part of the basic MS-Windows installation will be available. Using other fonts may cause your presentation style to display incorrectly.
  • Recommended fonts: Arial, Times New Roman, Tahoma, Calibri
  • If you insist on using special fonts, you must save these fonts along with the presentation. Use the following procedure: Click on “tools” then “options” then “save” and check the box “Insert True Type fonts”, then save the presentation.

Transfer of Presentations and Storage

On what to bring a presentation
  • Please bring your files and one of the media listed.
    • USB flash drive
    • External HDD or SSD
  • Save all files associated with the presentation in one folder (PowerPoint, movie/video files, etc.).
  • Always make a backup of your presentation on a second medium, external drive, or cloud backup – Google drive, email.
Where to upload your presentation at the congress
  • Please come to the technician in the main lecture room in time before the congress or during the breaks, where it will be possible to record and rehearse the presentations.
  • During your performance, you can control your presentation using the remote control, which will show you the technician present during the break.
  • Using your own laptop is not recommended, only as a last resort and without a warranty, it is possible to inquire and consult a technician.